Our Day

I knew your name in information board, but i didn’t know who you are

I knew you in front of my class, but i didn’t know what your name is

I knew both of your name and your physic, but i didn’t know how to call you

I knew how to call you, but i didn’t know how i started our conversation

i knew how to started it and i realized i can not stop it. why?


Time to time

Day by Day

We passed it together

Happiness, Sadness, and togetherness are beside us

I knew you more

Where you live, What your favorite activities, What your habbits, even Whom you love and who love you



We have passed our monster after 4 years study how to face that monster..

Finally, we win it..

and we start to countdown our farewell party..

Hope that we still be a good family. don’t forget each other. don’t try it. don’t.

Wish success for us..